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Is it possible to run more stores without increasing the number of employees?

Przemysław Kozera, 10 lipca 2020

The popular argument against automation and autonomous solutions in our life is that they will cause us to lose our jobs with cashiers to suffer first. However, the data gathered at Europe’s first autonomous store Take&GO seems to show that investing in state-of-the-art technologies does not necessarily lead to a weaker demand for human labor.

According to Take&GO’s findings, the optimal way of deploying autonomous solutions in a store environment means keeping the existing workforce and using it to coordinate and manage other autonomous stores. This results in increased productivity as well as reduced work complexity and also paves the way for opening more stores which in turn increases revenue.

Just by introducing autonomous technologies you can cut waste by 50%.

Take&GO estimates that keeping the existing workforce and introducing autonomous solutions leads to a 43% increase in revenue compared to a scenario where the owner decides to reduce the number of staff. While autonomous store investment costs are substantial, the returns come relatively quickly and help to further develop the chain.