Smart shelf

An internal study by one of our customers shows that 20% of the products not available on the shelf would be purchased. In Poland alone, 9 million tonnes of food are thrown away each year. Store inventories consume millions annually. It is these three things that are the biggest challenges facing the retail industry. Each of them is solved by our Intelligent Shelf.


Not only does it display precise information about the products on the shelves, it also sends notifications about the most important events.

Complete data in real time

Unlike many other technologies in the field of retailmetrics, the Intelligent Shelf provides us with a complete set of information. Where does the product stand, what is that product, and what is its expiry date? This makes it possible to tag products. It is much more precise than a pressure sensor or vision-based solution. Moreover, it is incomparably cheaper than the latter.

inteligentna półka

Surge Cloud

This technology was created from scratch in Poznań by engineers from Surge Cloud, whose main field of work is innovation in commerce. The company’s mission is to fight against overproduction of food.

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