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For us, the company’s mission is a compass indicating the direction in which we are going. In addition to what it states, we would like to share with you a reflection on these few years of striving for a moment when Surge Cloud is innovating commerce on a large scale.

Company mission

“Reducing overproduction of food”
Marcin Dąbrowski
Marcin Dąbrowski
Founder, Surge Cloud


When we founded Surge Cloud in 2016, neither Łukasz nor I had such a broad and far-reaching vision as the one we have today. These 2 years have changed a great deal in our lives. A year of studies, and following that year of studies, first successes, including an amazing team of Surge Cloud, a unique organizational culture, a technology for which most considered us mad, and a real chance to become a Polish Unicorn.

The Unicorn status is less important in terms of valuation than it is in terms of a symbolic value. It would make no sense to compare ourselves to American, later Israeli and now Chinese giants if we did not have a greater vision and mission behind it. Our goal is not to rest on our laurels, but to show that it is also possible to build projects in Poland that will change the world’s landscape. There is no need to set up a company in Delaware and try flex, because we are doing business in the US and in Poland it is simply not possible. You can do it systematically, with a plan, step by step right here, where you were born.


However, before we understood that the only right way to go was with far-reaching vision, we had to learn a few good lessons, which strongly contradicted with how this Polish market looked like.


We had to understand that the aim was to change the landscape, not to provide interesting technology that would improve something. According to Peter Thiel, a minimum of 10-fold improvements in current processes are worth the investment. Today, I see that it is not only a matter of a 10-fold improvement, but also of resolving the problems that will result from such a revolutionary change. Your product is complete only when the customer does not have to worry about the consequences of receiving the ricochet together with the benefits.


It is not possible to take the first step by outsourcing the development of a solution to two small subcontractors. Operationally, as an organisation, we must not only live by delivering a 10-fold improvement, but also fight against the problems that will come with it. This is related to the fact that both the product, marketing, and thus also HR, must be very conscious of how big of an opponent we are facing. The development of a team must be the answer to how much you get to know the niche you are entering. No revolution took place because someone paid the mercenaries well, but all the successful ones started with a small group of people who had one goal and persuaded others to follow.


It cannot be cheap. It is not possible. Google has raised $36 million to secure its position on the market (and only later monetize it!). Amazon – $108 million. PayPal – $217 million. Facebook – $2 billion. Apple is the world’s most valuable company today with $6.2 billion. We had to understand that we needed financial partners as brave and as crazy as ourselves. As it turned out, such people could also be found in Poland.

Time. Recovered.

This would not have been possible without two things. The first one I already mentioned is an amazing team – our family, with whom we have a bond and who know that they will be able to manage with everything (job offers). The second is our mission. Today, we are trying to change commerce. We patent a technology that Walmart has failed to develop that can, in seconds, inventory an entire store or shelf range by checking the exact position of each product on the shelf.

This is made possible by our Intelligent Shelf and product tagging. However, this is just the beginning of a change. Behind all this is the desire to recover time. This is what retailmetrics is all about. Why should it take hundreds of hours from peoples’ time for things to happen if it can take seconds for machines and algorithms? The retail industry is the first step. Gigantic step, which changes the way we shop, but still only the first. What will come next?

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