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Do you know your stuff? Are you a creative and ambitious enthusiast of technological innovations? Do you program, solder, experiment? Or maybe you know marketing, business, sales? Browse our job offers and find something for yourself.



This department consists mainly of programmers and electronic engineers. It is here that students and juniors, under the supervision of seniors and academic employees, create technology that will change the everyday lives of all of us.



The company is also made up of people responsible for project management, Human Resources, marketing, Public Relations, fundraising and many other areas. We value enthusiasm, creativity and willingness to develop.

Working with us…

You’ll be taking part in a groundbreaking project that will make a difference to the retail industry forever. We are innovating in the field of commerce to completely change the rules of the game. Surge Cloud’s mission is to make it more human and environmentally friendly. The first stage is product tagging, thanks to which the Intelligent Shelf, which is revolutionising the market, will be able to function.

We believe that the solution to the most pressing problems faced by the FMCG industry is retailmetrics. If you want your daily work to change not only the future, but also the everyday life of ordinary people and the environment in which you work, have a look at our job offers. Surge Cloud’s unique organizational culture will certainly make you want to stay with us for longer.

Join us…

This place can become even better thanks to you. Not only the technology we produce, but also the direction in which we are going and the way we do it, is the result of all the ideas, enthusiasm and diligence of each one of us. Surge Cloud is a unique company, because we make it that way. Everyone is important, everyone’s voice is heard. Everyone counts. Introducing a new employee is always a great adventure for us, after which both the company and each one of us is somehow different. Better, richer internally. I look forward to meeting you for the recruitment process.

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Elżbieta Lehmann, HR Manager