Organisational culture

kultura organizacyjna

Who are we?

We asked our employees in an anonymous survey what organizational culture means for them and what does it look like in our company. They characterised it as friendly and said that it makes them want to get out of bed in the morning. Some people mentioned that they felt at home here. Apart from this, we learned what they would like to change and improve things. We started to act immediately. Every day we do our best to make everyone feel good here. If you wish to work in a place where people are most important, have a look at our job offers!

Not only the dynamic team and organizational culture, but also the mission of the company, make it a unique place. The retail sector is in need of change. Many processes can be carried out cheaper and more environmentally friendly. This is what the retailmetrics industry and innovations in retail that follow are all about. Our Smart Shelf and product tagging are a very big first step in this direction.

What is organizational culture?

These are unwritten norms of behaviour at work. A set of rules and habits adopted by employees, both inside and outside the office. Atmosphere, customs and behavior. A certain compromise between the values of the organization and the habits of the team members. Organisational culture is also the way of communicating. Everything that creates the spirit of work and enables joint development.

Why organizational culture is important?

Its formation is a key element of team building. It affects whether you want to go to the office or not. It is up to the organizational culture to make employees feel good in the organisation. This in effect determines their commitment, their ability to take responsibility. The extent to which they identify with the company. Their external attitude in turn determines which people the company manages to attract.

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How is organizational culture formed?

In a sense, it is a result of the attitudes and behaviours of all employees. It is shaped, in a way, autonomously. However, many people in our organization recognize that leadership attitude is much more important to the cause.

How to create organizational culture?

Its development can be influenced, on the one hand, by example and, on the other hand, by being assertive, which draws attention to attitudes that cause any internal opposition. Although the words and actions of the leaders are particularly important here, the end result is the joint work of all the employees.

How to change organizational culture?

Because it is formed quite naturally, sudden changes are difficult. They require the involvement of more people. But what is crucial is the influence of leaders, their authority, their charisma and most of all how they use them. Feedback culture is also important. It is difficult for rules to be shaped by unspoken opinions and feelings.

How to analyze organizational culture?

In our company we have made a survey for this purpose. We asked all the above questions and based on the answers we received we edited this page. We also asked about the culture in our organization. The answer is below.