What's on the shelves in your shop?

I turns out that the retail industry is losing out mainlydue to the fact that methods of controlling stock, product facing and expiry dates are not only expensive, but also give rise to random data which are quickly out of date.


According to the European Commission’s report, 9 million tonnes of food are disposed of annually. 7 million because it was not sold before its expiry date. There is a way to reduce these losses. A system that controls the real-time display of expiring products.Every fifth product missing on the shelf would be purchased. Many of these products are available in stock. With our system, it is possible to reduce OOS.


Current methods of forecasting sales generate significant losses. This is due not only to shortages but also to surpluses in products.


What if it was possible to carry out a stocktake of all stores in a chain with a single click? How often is the condition of the shelf or PoS checked at the moment? How big of a problem are virtual stocks? Today, this process is manual, regular and, above all, very costly. In extreme cases, the shop is closed to view the products category by category, SKU by SKU.

What problems does the retail industry face?

Innovation in commerce must respond to the problems mentioned above. Thanks to the information from our customers and partners, we were able to prepare solutions that meet their expectations. The solution is retailmetrics. We provide real-time information on what’s happening in stores so that you can maximize your store’s profit per square meter.

Smart shelf


Just-in-time order automation, OOS/OSA and Faculty control, FIFO management, planogram execution, self inventory. These are the basic problems that a shelf solves by tracking what’s on it.

Automated check-out


Take & Go. We provide technology that allows customers to check-out automatically, improves customer experience and speeds up the purchasing process

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Technology, like any other parameter in business, should produce ROI. That is why, when we start cooperation, we first analyze the business case with partners in order to find the optimal area for applying our solutions in a specific market reality. We prefer the tailor-made approach.

Product tagging

All this is made possible by product tagging. We already cooperate with FMCG manufacturers, including packaging manufacturers. Given the many benefits of tagging products, this is a step really worth taking.

Our analytical system is based on the infrastructure, which we have created entirely on our own, from scratch. It was developed by our Research and Development Department with the participation of scientists from the Poznań University of Technology. We employ the best engineers and students – programmers and electronics engineers. To learn more about our team click on the “Organisational culture” section. If you want to join our team, have a look at our job offers.