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Innovation in commerce

Stationary store sales still dominate over e-commerce, but are retail innovations being implemented at a pace sufficient to keep up with the generational change?

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Our technology practically equalizes opportunities by transferring the full functionality of online shops to retail chains. No innovations in commerce have offered such opportunities in the past.

The retail industry, spends a lot of money on merchandising every day. Gigantic costs generate stocking shortages and products going past expiration dates. They are borne not only by store chains, producers or distributors themselves, but also by the customers. Not to mention the environment.

How often do you not find a product on the shelf? This is despite the fact that the merchandiser goes to the store and makes check-ups there twice a week. Twice a week, for each store, market, discount (store) in Poland. Only to verify the quantity and position of the goods on the shelves at random, in several categories. Imagine the emissions of exaust gases are you dealing with here?

Innovation in stationary commerce is not only needed to enable people to access products at attractive prices and to pay better for a more attractive job. They are also necessary in view of the extent to which the industry is currently exploiting the environment. The scale of disposing of out-of-date and damaged food products alone amounts to half a million tonnes per year.

On top of all this, there is a huge amount of packaging that not everyone throws away in accordance with accepted social and legal standards. Technology is also able to solve this problem today. The cure for most FMCG industry problems is the Intelligent Shelf – the first step to fully automated stores – without queues to the cash register. Its implementation is connected with product tagging, opening the way to huge changes.

Trading metrics provide us with many solutions. Together we can make the world a better place. Surge Cloud’s mission is to do exactly that. Let us start with the big steps – a key industry for the economy. Providing basic needs for each of us. Let us make it more human and environmentally friendly, and at the same time more profitable. We need partners to achieve this. Whether you’re an industry leader or a creative, ambitious employee, you’ll enrich your organization. Join us! Take a look at our solutions for retail and job offers.